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Play 4v4 TDM in Silly Wars event & unlock awesome rewards with the Golden Pass. Download Silly Royale -Devil Amongst Us APK MOD for Android

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Jan 8, 2023
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😈 Silly Royale also known as Silly World / Devil Amongst Us is a fun to play real-time online multiplayer game, best played with 12 players in a Haunted Mansion or Prison with in-built voice chat & emoticons!
It gets even better – Adopt your own Silly Pet and take it to all the game modes with you!

Event: Silly Wars
Silly Wars is a Hero Battle Shooter game. It’s an epic 4v4 online battle to play with global squads. Lead your squads to victory in thrilling 4v4 team Deathmatch and dominate them to rank higher on our global leaderboards. Simple controls to use with special powerups in the map to pick up and play.
– Play as Legendary characters
– Dominate other squads
– Easy controls
– Fun battles

Silly Pass:
Equip the Golden Silly Pass & complete fun missions to win legendary pets, epic lobby items, 2x coins and 2x gems. Complete stage missions to level up and unlock exclusive character skins.

Classic Game Modes 🕹️ Choose between playing our 3 Modes

Hide and seek 🕵🏻‍♀️ – Who hasn’t played Hide & Seek as a kid? And if you haven’t, history always repeats itself! As a Silly, complete all mini-tasks and use hiding spots to escape the Devil who is coming for you. As the Devil, make sure you get every last Silly on the map! Sounds like fun? INVITE YOUR FRIENDS and get right to it.

🏰 Murder Mystery – Mystery Mansion – A social deduction game where all your friends are suspects now. Who will you trust? But beware of the imposter who will sabotage your task. The only way to set the haunted mansion free from these impostors/spirits is by completing all the mini-tasks inside the mansion and solving the murder mystery.
Vote ✅: Vote to evict the Devil, but be careful not to evict an Innocent Silly since you will be helping the Devils win the game.

👮 Jail Break – Cops vs Robbers Outwit the cops and escape the prison with your friends. In a classic Cops and Robbers game, Silly’s selected as Cops will need to capture all Robbers before they escape the Prison. Robbers would need to work together and complete all the mini-games to Jail break. Beware! If Cops catch you helping your robber inmates, they will bash you up in the game. Who do you think will succeed? Cops or Robbers?

Customized Settings for a Private Match with friends
Voice Chat 🎙️ – Silly Royale supports an always-on Voice Chat feature. Tell your friends when the devil/cops are nearby and help each other to win the game.
Spectate Mode 🍿 – Waiting for your friends, while they’re having fun playing and all you’re doing is staring at the main menu screen? No more waiting in the lobby! Join your friend’s game as a spectator and find out who’s the Devil 😈.

Silly Universe 🌏: Hatch an egg pod 🥚& Adopt your own Silly pet 🐉. They are not just pets, they are pets with Super Powers. They protect you, while you are in danger.
Also, Customize your Silly with unique cool skins and hat combinations.

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❤️ Thank you for your overwhelming response about our game.

What's new

Finding it tough to defeat your opponent? Collect POWERUPS in the map and activate them during combat to become the MVP! Timing is the key as POWERUPS have a cooldown period. PRO TIP: Your opponents will run away when they see you with the SHIELD powerup on!
Did you say Legendary skins? Check out our new and improved store and try your luck at getting those awesome exclusive skins!


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