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Run a tiny space agency, explore and build your universe, one step at a time. Download Tiny Space Program APK MOD for Android

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Cinnabar Games
May 4, 2023
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This game is in a early release and is updated constantly. Almost every week more content is added. Everything in-game is free. If you like the genre and are willing to help and give some feedback about this game, feel free to try it out!

What would you do if you are a billionaire? owning your own space program, manage, research and building new spaceships, shooting rockets, mining resources on planets, bringing tourist to Mars for a space walk, crafting fuel on your fuel base on the Moon or just sending researchers to explore what is out there.

In Tiny Space Program your manage your agency like modern space companies such as Spacex, Blue origins and Virgin Galactic, you decide manage what rockets you launch to the stars, if you want to bring tourists to the planet Mars or The Moon, start a mining operation on the moon of IO, Titan, Europa or Pluto. You manage and simulate the early colonization of our near future of our interplanetary society and learn what kinds of challenges exists for such an endeavor.

• Explore all planets of our solar system,
• Go to the moons of Mars such as Phobos and Deimos,
• Build thriving outposts and bring them tiny astronauts,
• Manage astronauts of workers for optimized production,
• Bring your rover to the surface of Mercury and Mars
• Build off-world thriving colonies and outposts.
• Inspired by real rocket designs, such as the Nasa Apollo and the Dragon of Spacex rocket,
• Spaceship and rocket designs have orbital fuel mechanics,
• Different futuristic technologies,
• Mine resources from planets and moons,
• Astronaut spacesuit skins,
• Establish Off-world economies

Features – to be implemented – coming soon
• much more rocket and space ship designs.
• Space stations (Arriving this summer)
• Beyond Pluto travel.
• Cool rover designs
• Orbital Factories – Not so tiny capital ships
• Facilitating planetary colonies
• Colonies to trade with
• Stellar bodies beyond Pluto, ort cloud
• Interstellar space ship travel.

What's new

- pre space station update
- performance update
- hotsmall fix



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